Roll of Honour

In addition to the stock discussed in our Cow Families section there are many others who deserve credit for their part in “selling” the Jersey.  

Some, like Sunny Princess

and Barnowl Piccollo Ex94 MM(2) have singular achievements 

whilst others contributed to the Barnowl team’s accumulation 

of unique achievements over the years. 

Record 1.  Barnowl Jerseys achieved Supreme or Reserve Supreme Champion in 42% of the shows attended from 1985 to 2009.  From 1985 until 2012 we have exhibited at 178 shows and had 20 different animals awarded Interbreed Championships, 15 have had Reserve Interbreeds and 62 have been Breed Champions with a further 24 attaining Reserve Champion.  Many animals had multiple Championships giving a total of 122 Breed & Junior Champions and 73 Reserve champions at 178 shows.


Record 2.  Barnowl Jerseys are believed to be the only exhibitor to have won three commemorative plates at the 150th Royal Show when Barnowl Mandy HC+77, Freeland Dazzlers Overture VG86 and Barnowl Eastern Princess VHC88 won their respective classes (and helped win the Points Trophy) at the show.    


Record 3.  The RABDF introduced commemorative plates covering a ten year period – a total of thirty for each breed at the European Dairy Farming Event.  Barnowl Jerseys hold ten of them.

Record 4.  Barnowl Fanfare Ex97 8Stars(Gold) GM(2) MM(6) is the only Jersey to have been classified Excellent 97 in the UK.   


Record 5.  Over a period of ten years Barnowl Jerseys won the Thimbleby and Shorland Production-qualified Pair at the Royal Show 6 times and were Reserve twice.


Record 6.  In 1985 Barnowl Sunny Princess, Barnowl Cornet and Barnowl Pandora took eighteen trophies at the National Jersey Show, winning the Junior milk cow, Milk heifer, Open and Progeny groups, Breed Champion, Points and Exhibitor trophies.


Record 7.  The RASE only had a Supreme Dairy Championship for around 20 years the Burke Trophy was always the Dairy highlight prior to its introduction.  Until 1981 Jerseys had only won the award once, in 1961 when Wychcross Estates’ Brightling Donna Victoria 4 and the Preshaw herd’s West Lands Loyal Dreamer won.  At this time the Champion male and female of each breed were used.  In 1981 Sunny Princess and Allwood Dans Onyx broke the Ayrshire/Holstein stranglehold and the success was repeated the following year with a pair from the Windsor herd.


Record 8.  Barnowl has represented the Jersey breed in the Burke Trophy on four occasions, winning on three and coming reserve once:


1981:  Sunny Princess and Allwood Dans Onyx                                                                        


 1990:  Barnowl Golden Phantasy and Kentucky Pharoahs Fresco

1993:  Barnowl Wizards Fantasy and Woodhall Pelargonium


1999:  Barnowl Fillpailers Fiona and Abbotsley B T Susanne

 Barnowl Fillpailers Fiona VG87 was also Breed Champion at Kenilworth and Breed and Supreme Champion at the Bath & West Show that year.


Record 9.  Barnowl Golden Phantasy VHC88 (Burke Trophy winner 1990) and Barnowl Wizards Fantasy Ex93 GM (Burke Trophy winner 1993) are maternal sisters.  

We believe no other herd has ever had maternal sisters compete in or win the Burke Trophy.

Record 10.  Barnowl Wizards Fantasy Ex93 GM was also successful at the Royal Welsh Show in 1991, taking Reserve Champion and winning the Welsh equivalent of the Burke Trophy, the Fitzhugh Trophy, paired with an animal from Messrs Gosling.  We believe no other animal has ever won both the Fitzhugh and Burke Trophies.


Record 11.  There are only two other Jersey herds in the last forty years to have achieved two home-bred Royal Show Champions:  Michael Richards' Woodhall Herd and Roy & Chris Bailey's Abbotsley herd.  Barnowl have had four: Barnowl Sunshines Itaska, Barnowl Fanfare Ex97 8Stars(Gold) GM(2) MM(6), Barnowl Fillpailers Gladys Ex92 and Barnowl PLJ Isis Ex90 GM MM(3)

 Barnowl Sunshines Itaska also had Reserve Breed Champion as a dry cow at the 1986 Bath & West, and Breed Champion at Bucks County Show. 

In 1995 Barnowl Fillpailers Gladys Ex92  also won Breed and Reserve Supreme Champion Bath & West, Supreme Champion Three Counties, Supreme Champion Kenilworth, Breed and Reserve Supreme Champion Bucks County and Breed champion Primestock.  She added a further three Reserve Championships and three Breed Championships to her tally over the next two years.


 Barnowl PLJ Isis Ex90 GM MM(3)  was our last RASE Champions taking the title in 2004.  

Record 12.  European Dairy Farming Event (EDFE), Morrison Trophy.  This was the interbreed team of six inspection competition.  From 1986 to 1990 Barnowl provided 18 of the 30 animals which represented the breed, coming Reserve in 1987 and winning on four other occasions. 

The winning 1990 team came solely from Barnowl: L-R  Freeland Dazzlers OvertureBarnowl Piccollo Ex94 MM(2), Barnowl Dazzlers Dormant GM, Barnowl Wizards Cordial VHC80 Barnowl Golden Phantasy VHC88 and  Barnowl Wizards Fantasy Ex93.  It is believed no other exhibitor has ever provided a full team to represent their breed, let alone won.

Record 13.  1990 saw  Barnowl Golden Phantasy VHC88 take the Robert Mond Shield (Supreme Home-bred animal) at the DFE.


Record 14.  1991 had Barnowl Piccollo Ex94 MM(2) go one better taking the Supreme Cow of the Year at the EDFE – something only two other Jerseys (Postmistress in ???? and Polperro in ?????) had ever achieved. Both these cows feature in Piccollo’s pedigree.


Record 15.  In 1996 Barnowl Fanfare Ex97 8Stars(Gold) GM(2) MM(6) was Breed TPE Champion EDFE, in 1998 her daughter  Barnowl Fanfare 2 Ex93(5) 5Stars(Gold) GM(6) MM(2) achieved the same status.