Evening Family

The Evening family are descended from a Kerbanks cow purchased soon after we came to Evenley.  Kerbanks Sparklers Eventide 7 GM(3) MM(2) only gave us two daughters from nine calvings, each daughter in turn had two.  The most fecund of these was Barnowl PLJ Evening Ex91(4) MM(6) whose five daughters all entered the milking herd and qualified GOM.  

Barnowl Event GP83(H) GM MM(2) is still milking her third lactation at more than 10.5% solids and over 9000 litres to date.  We look forward to her calving again so she can be re-classified to a more appropriate score, and hopefully a heifer calf as well.

Evenings tend to be capacious dairy cows, giving high component milk and lasting many lactations.  They are a popular choice for commercial buyers.

Barnowl Coms EventVG86 was 2nd Heifer in Milk (to our own Barnowl Action Vicki VG88 at Newark 2014, and paired with Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91, GM(1), MM(1) to take the Interbreed Pairs title.

Evenings for the Future

Barnowl Verify Evening due to Kyros, October 2013