Fantasy and Fanfare Family

 Barnowl Fantasy 5 Stars(Gold) OM
was the foundation cow of the Fantasy/Fanfares  Family.  

She was a granddaughter of Eagles Coiffure Dream, imported from Mr Frank Avril in Jersey.  Of her five daughters, her eldest daughter, Barnowl Fantasia, was dam to Barnowl Golden Phantasy VHC88
and Barnowl Wizards Fantasy Ex93 GM, both RASE Burke Trophy winners, (a record which is believed to be unique) and Breed and Interbreed Champions at many major shows.   

The Phantasy branch is well represented in the herd, but Wizards Fantasy was destined to have bull calves so only Barnowl Fantasys Fillpailer continued her bloodline. 

Her second daughter Barnowl Fanfare Ex97 8Stars(Gold) GM(2) MM(6)  is the UK classification record holder for Jerseys at 97 points.  
Multiple Excellents were not part of the Jersey Cattle Society system in her heyday, nor could Excellent be awarded until the 4th lactation, but she had a ten-year show career from 1988 as a maiden until 1997 when she retired after adding the All Breeds Production Inspection at the Three Counties Show to her tally of Production/Inspection awards.  

We believe Fanfare is the only Jersey to be both RASE and RABDF  Breed Champion and she was also Supreme Champion at the World Jersey Cattle Bureau 1992 Conference Show.  

She had three Champion daughters,

Fanfare also had four sons which went to stud; 
Barnowl Flash Fanfare by Madeleypark Flashbuster), 
Barnowl Farefillment (by Zebre Design Fillpailer), 
Barnowl Fanfares Victor (by Sweet Victorios Bruno)
(by Lesters Sambo)

Her main female descendants come from the Fantail and Fanfare 2 daughters.  

Fantail was dam to Barnowl Sambos Fanfare Ex91(2) MM(3)
who in turn has daughters Barnowl Senior Fanfare VG86 MM(3) and Barnowl Simon Fanfare 2 VG87 in the herd.

Fanfare 2 was dam to Barnowl Fanfares Samurai (by Lesters Sambo) as well as 5 daughters including Barnowl Stars Fanfare Ex90 GM(5) MM and Barnowl Mercurys Fanfare Ex92(3) GM MM(3).

The latest Fanfare bull retained is Barnowl Fascinate (by Q Impuls). Out of Barnowl Senior Fanfare (see link above) this dam was subsequently contract mated to DJ Lix for Cogent, but produced a heifer calf in 2012. 

It is rare to have a photographic record of a cow throughout her showing and production life, rarer still when it covers a decade.  We are fortunate in having such a record for Barnowl Fanfare Ex97 8Stars(Gold) GM(2) MM(6) and reproduce a selection of photos here: 

Fanfares for the Future:

We have a promising August 2012 Lix daughter out of Barnowl Senior Fanfare VG86 MM(3)

Barnowl Fascinate's first daughter was born on April 2nd 2013, and to date (Feb 2014) 16 daughters are registered.  They are growing well with uniform development.  Length and capacity on good legs, with growth rates that appear slightly ahead of their herdmates. 

Barnowl Excitation Phantasy carries her first calf, by Fascinate, due Septeber 2014.  

We have two line-bred Fanfares by Fascinate. One is maternal sister to the Lix daughter mentioned above.