Gateau Family

The original Hillfox Gateau VHC80 GM was a present from Charles’ mother to her new grandson, Andrew.
Successfully shown as an in-calf heifer in 1985, she continued as part of the highly successful Crondall Coronets Wizard progeny groups for several years. 

 Family members include Barnowl A Alpha Meringue 3 Stars GM(3) MM(2) (Breed Champion & Reserve Supreme Champion, Primestock 1998), 

 Barnowl As Fanfares Almond VG89 MM(1) (Breed Champion & Reserve Supreme Inspection, Dairy Event 1995, Breed Inspection Champion 1996), Barnowl As Beta Coconut (Reserve Champion South of England 1997). 

 Barnowl A Sambo’s Elizabeth Ex90(2) MM(2) named in honour of the Queen mother’s 100th birthday, out of Meringue, proved to be a typical Sambo daughter; good production, sound type and many lactations.  Her second daughter, Barnowl A Vindication Beth Ex90 is equally pleasing. Barnowl Governor Libby Ex91 and heifer Barnowl Pride Elizabeth VG85 continue to expand this branch of the family. 

Barnowl PLJ Almond VG86 continued the family presence in the showring in 2006 taking two in-milk heifer classes, one Reserve Championship to herdmate Barnowl Bonds Victoria and interbreed milk heifer in the East of England Open class.

The most recent Gateau in the showring is Barnowl Viscount Eclair VG87 who was Supreme Champion at Surrey County in 2012.

Barnowl Viceroy Gateau pictured near the end of her 1st lactation (currently 6,083kg 5.72% 3.52% in 262 days)  Typical of the Gateau family she is one of the ones you "never notice" quietly filling the tank and getting back in calf.