Plant Family
Recent Successes

Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine VG88 has improved throughout 2016, both in her maturity and her placing. Second Junior Cow at Surrey (to herdmate Tyler Leaf) was followed by first at Royal Norfolkand then Breed and Interbreed Champion at Blakesley.  Barnowl Coms Shammy Ex91 came second to her in the class. Her bull calf Barnowl Sherpa, by Jubilee Everest has just been weaned and is looking well,

Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(5) is targetted to exceed 10,000kgs again on her 7th lactation.  This will give her over 70,000kgs of milk in seven lactations.  Her daughter by Lix calved a heifer by Dimension on August 15th - we have high hopes!

Family History


The Plant family descend from 1996 National Jersey Show Champion Barnowl Fillpailers Chamomile VG85. 

Highly productive cows of VG and Excellent type, the Chamomiles, Tulips and Jasmines form a strong production nucleus in the herd. Two Remake daughters, Barnowl R Remake Jasmine VG88 MM(4) has four daughters from six calvings and Barnowl Remake Azalea Ex90(2) has three. 

Current favourite is Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(3) MM(3) with her first three lactations averaging 8998kgs in 301 days.  

Re-pictured here at the end of her 6th lactation:
Barnowl  R Senior Tulip Ex92(4)

Six lactation total:
59,227kg 5.11% 3.95%

                                   Her daughter, Barnowl Lix Tulip VG85 
is pictured near the end of her 1st lactation, currently at 6,154 kg 5.75% 4.15% (301 days) 

Barnowl Remake Azalea (link above)  was Reserve Champion, Bucks County 2008, with a further three first and two second places during 2008/09 before a leg injury forced her retirement from showing.  Barnowl Lady Jasmine VG86 has had moderate success with a first, second and third from three outings.  Interestingly she is a mulberry - a recessive we had been unaware of in the family.

Barnowl Viceroy Ex90 was retained from Barnowl R Vindication Chamois Ex91 MM(2) in 2010 with his first daughters born in April 2012.  
With Viceroy being third generation Excellent and fifth generation VG/Ex we are pleased with their current development. They exhibit the strength and capacity we expect from the family and we look forward to bringing them into the milking herd in due course.

Barnowl Coms Shammy VG88 had 2nd Heifer in Milk (to our own Barnowl Action Vicki) at Newark 2014.  She paired with her dam, Barnowl R Shammy Ex91(2) (who was 2nd Senior Cow) to take the Interbreed Dam & Daughter at the same show.

Barnowl Kyros Azalea pictured after achieving Jersey, then Dairy and finally Supreme Heifer at the Royal Norfolk Show in 2015