Priestcar Families
Recent Successes

Barnowl Kyros Leaf VG85 had two  firsts as a milk heifer at Notts Show and Surrey County, however it was not until she wom the dry cow at Blakesley we managed to include her in the photo record, even in semi-formal pose.  She and maternal sister, Priestcar Tyler Leaf VG88 (1st Junior cow, Surrey 2016) combined to take second in the progeny pair at Surrey (to a pair of Barnowl Fascinate daughters)

Family History

As part of our expansion plans, autumn 2012 saw the Priestcar herd come to Barnowl.  Four families are represented, Leaf (tracing back to the Distingue herd), Celandine (tracing back to Woodhall), Ivory (tracing back to Watchbury) and Bambi (tracing back to Pynes). 

The herd included five cows >8years but they have all settled in well and we look forward to some useful breeding from them.

Classification in March 2013 had 6th calver, Priestcar Sambo Leaf (MM4), raised to Excellent 90. Having had five heifers in six calvings we only hope she will continue this gender bias.

Priestcar Sambo Celandine GP84 GM(1) MM(2) pictured in her 7th lactation having just recorded a daily yield of 45kgs.  She has a lactation average in excess of 9000kgs over her 6 lactations, plus two daughters since she's been with us so we are happy to forgive her showing her age.

Bambi, Celandine, Ivory and Leaf Development

Priestcar Big Show Bambi was Champion Calf at the NE Jersey Calf Show in 2012, with Priestcar Big Show Celandine Reserve Champion.

Priestcar Tyler Leaf VG87, Ist Heifer in Milk and Honourable Mention, Surrey 2015.