Sunshine Family

The Sunshine family goes back to Preshaw Triumphant's Sunwatch purchased from Major Pelly in 1969.  For a number of years there was a single female line as bull calves seemed to be the order of the day.  Slowly the family expanded and the first notable show animal was Barnowl Sunshines Itaska, Breed Champion at the Royal Show in 1986.  

Whilst there have been other Sunshines in the show ring, the family is principally a cornerstone of the herd and is currently represented by Barnowl Simon Sunshine Ex90 (2) MM(5), Barnowl Galahad Sunshine VG88 MM,  Barnowl Action Sunshine VG86 MM and Barnowl Fascinate Sunshine .  Barnowl Starbuck Sunspot is due to join the herd early in 2016 when she calves to Barnowl Invictus.