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September 2018
A fine finish to the showing season with interbreed honours at Southwell Ploughing Match means that the Barnowl girls have completed an unbeaten season in 2018.
Barnowl Viscounts Victoria 3, Breed champion, Notts County and Surrey County, Res interbreed Surrey County
Barnowl Miles Tulip,    Interbreed champion Notts County, Breed champion Royal Norfolk, res breed Bucks County.
Barnowl Excitation Victoria 4,       Interbreed champion Bucks County & Southwell Ploughing Match
Barnowl Allstars Victoria 2        Interbreed champion Moreton in the Marsh
All took breed titles this year with some going on to win interbreed titles.

April Milk Recording
Barnowl Action Vicki Ex95 (2) topped the yields again this month, taking her current lactation to 5330 kgs, 4.69%, 3.72% in 112 days.  That's nearly 450 kgs of solids, or over 4 kg of solids per day!

Several good finishers including 
Barnowl Lady Jasmine Ex90(3) at 9,161 kgs, 5,17%, 3.69%,
Barnowl Galahad Sycamore Ex90 at11,021 kgs, 5.76%, 3.97% and 
Barnowl Starbuck Celandine VG85 finishing her heifer lactation at 7,957 kgs, 6.12%, 4.30%

Average yield was 21.3 kgs.

Kaja Valerie arrives!
April 14th saw the arrival of Andrew and Heidi's daughter, Kaja Valerie.  Taking her time to arrive, at 10 days late, she finally appeared weighing in at 8 lb 2 oz.

Photos to follow.

Congratulations to Mum and Dad!

A small presentation for Iwan Thomas to inspect, but consistent.  Five heifers gave an 83, two 84s and two 86 scores, with a selection of second calvers being moved up to VG88.  Only two more senior cows inspected, both making Excellent; Priestcar Tyler Leaf Ex90 at three days calved, and our latest bull mother, Barnowl Impuls Victoria moved to Ex91 - great news for her son, now named Barnowl Dark Prince.

Home Bred Bulls: Update

Barnowl Bravissimo (Broiler x Barnowl Visis Ex91(2) MM3) continues as our only active bull at present, although Barnowl Sherpa (Jubillee Everest Ex90 x Barnowl Coms Shammy Ex91 MM) will be "coming on line" in a month or so.  We have waited a long time for the right Victoria to provide a bull calf and Barnowl Impuls Victoria VG89 MM3 did just that on March 17th with her fourth calf, a son by Colton.  Her dam injured a hoof which affected her gait, preventing more than a heifer rating being awarded, but the lineage of longevity, production and fecundity must be recognised and we think this is the bull to do it.  

March Milk Recording

Barnowl Action Vicki Ex95(2) continues her domination of the herd, topping the milk recording again with 47.6Kgs.  This gives her a running total of 3275kg 4.86% 3.67% in just 69 days.

Andrew has been looking at some daughter averages and come up with the following four bulls where there are at least 5 daughters in the herd:

Excitation:     average 24.72 kg/day over 112 days
Action:          average 30.08 kg/day over 171 days
Miles:             average 25.56 kg/day over 103 days (1st & 2nd calvers)
Barnowl Fascinate: average 27.48 kg/day over 82 days (1st & 2nd calvers)

Really pleasing to see a home bred bull performing so well against big shots like Action and Miles.

Ex95 for Barnowl Action Vicki

Barnowl Action Vicki was confirmed Ex95 by Andrew Spicer on February 27th.  She calved a Dimension heifer in January having produced over 1000 kgs of fat and protein in her previous lactation.  Her first recording of her 4th lactation was 47.4 kgs.  Her 305 day lactations are below, but her natural lactations total at 30,250kgs - over 10,000 per lactation.

Milk Recording January 2017

Our Facebook followers will know that Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93 produced a Dimension daughter on January 3rd, and recorded 47.4kgs this recording.  We can now add the solids to this figure 5.01% and 3.66% respectively.  Coming a respectable second to her is Moonshine Gammons Tilt GP82, a second calver producing 39.2kgs.

The herd average is at 22.4kgs.

Top heifer to finish was Barnowl Miles Celandine G79 with 7,703kgs 4.59% and 3.61% in 361 days, top cow was Barnowl Senior Azalea Ex90 with an extended lactation of 12,272kgs.  Her 305 days is 10,290 at 4.83% and 3.51.

Milk Recording December 2016

Average Yields continue to improve to 22.3kg, pleasing when there are 11 fresh-calved heifers in the recording and a good few cows to be dried off in January.  Some good solids as well with second calver Barnowl Lix Victoria VG86 giving 18.4 kgs at 7.79% and 5.21% at 233 days calved.  She carries to Chrome, due in May.

Top finishers were
Barnowl Excitation Phantasy VG88, finishing her 2nd lactation at 8,795, 6.30% and 4.40% due in February to Invictus, and 4th calver Moonshine Action Squidgy EX90(2) at 9,901, 5.18% and 3.66%.  She is also due in February, carrying to Colton.

Annual Statement of lactations

With milk recording completed our Annual Summary was finalised as well.  With the intake of Bluemoon and Moonshine cattle now "worked through" it is reasonably representative, unlike last year.  101 qualifying lactations, 35 of which are heifers give an average of 6822 kgs at 5.45 and 3.89 on 297 days in milk.

Milk Recording, November 2016

With the cows still only part-housed milk recording showed an improved average - 21 kgs, with butterfat and protein at 5.43% and 4.27% respectively.

Top heifer to finish a lactation was Barnowl Fascinate Samantha VG86 at 6,772 5.93 and 4.04 whilst 2 cows topped 9,000 kgs and another  over 12,000 kgs:
Grahmar Action Cuddle EX90                 9,243    5.28    3.98     306 days
Maervale Excitation Fancy Ex90             9,623    4.93    3.73     323 days
Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93                           12,170     5.39    3.82     365 days    Vicki has produced 30,250kgs in three lactations and is carrying to Dimension, due at New Year.  
If you would be interested in the possible bull calf please contact us.  

Raw Milk Direct Sales

We have joined several other Jersey producers in starting to retail direct to the public.  Three weeks in and balancing supply and demand is becoming easier.  Our most distant customers - a couple from Cumbria spotted our signs and "just had to take some proper milk home from their holiday".  For more information please look at our retaining page - link here.

Milk Recording, September 2016

A quiet recording this time - end of summer, stale grass and average yield at 20kg.  solids at 5.69 and 3.98 compensate for this to a degree.  Top yield at 34.2kg for Barnowl Galahad Flowergirl.  Top heifer finisher was Barnowl Viceroy Cuddle VG87 at 7,527 5.12 and 3.65 in 303 days, and two solid performances of 9,859kg and 8,899kg from Barnowl Galahad Chamomile VG87 and Barnowl Viceroy Emerald VG85.

Bucks County Show

Andrew decided to go all-out for our local Show this year after missing last year.  Cattle from Cloisters Farm represented all four breeders here - Cidamon (Pat Rosser), Moonshine (Ben Etteridge), Bluemoon (Josh Etteridge) and Barnowl.  

Reporting by Breeder:  Pat's dam & daughter Cidamon Struby VG87 and Cidamon Santina won the breed dam and daughter and took second in the interbreed family pair.  Ben's Moonshine Governor Apricot Aster was a very fresh-calved 4th in the Senior cow, and Josh won the dry cow with Bluemoon Comerica Rose VG87 who then went on to take 2nd place in the dam & daughter with her in-calf heifer daughter Bluemoon Rosebud.  

Barnowl had first Maiden heifer, Barnowl Allstar Victoria 2, first and second heifer in calf Barnowl Excitation Fanfare and Barnowl Miles Shammy, 2nd and third dry cow Barnowl Kyros Leaf VG85 and Barnowl Viceroy Cuddle VG87.

The in milk classes continued:  Milk heifer, Barnowl Miles Flowergirl 2 and Barnowl Jebb Bouquet VG85 first and second.  Junior cow, second Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine VG88, third Barnowl Miles Tulip VG87 and Senior Cow was first Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(3) and third Barnowl Action Sunshine VG89.  The Shammys were third in the dam and daugther and also for the interbreed family pair.

Congratulations to Zoe Clear who turned her young cow, Icecube, out impeccably to take the class and Championship, our own VV3 taking Reserve Champion.

It was good to appreciate the numbers and quality of cattle forward, and to enjoy the atmosphere that can be lacking at so many shows.  Bucks is also a fantastic place to provide information to the general public as increasing numbers want to know more about how their food is produced.  

more photos to follow

Wedding Photos
Just a few more to fill the picture out for our "regulars".  First, Andrew with Best Man Robert Stevens then tying the knot - literally.  The formal pose L-R  Stewart, Charles, Frances, Andrew and Heidi Reader. Heather Baker, Joe Wardle (grandad)  Carolyn and Katherine Baker.


Milk Recording, August 2016

As the weather makes the grass vanish (so different from last recording's mud bath) the cows did well to maintain an average yield of 21.8kgs at 5.38 and 3.83%.

Top yield was 36kg from Priestcar Big Show Bambi, only 13 days calved.  Most notable finisher is Barnowl Miles Tulip VG87 finishing her first lactation at 8,568 5.58 & 3.81%.  Carrying to Dimension and with her pedigree and production stack this is a calf to keep - bull or heifer.

Blakesley Show 2016
Blakesley Show finally opened its doors to non-Holstein dairy cattle so we took a team of seven along. All classes were mixed breeds and we came home with 5 firsts, 3 seconds, Reserve Supreme Heifer (Barnowl Excitation Fanfare) Supreme Champion (Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine VG88) and Reserve Supreme Champion (Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(2)). 

The Wedding!
It's been a long time coming but Saturday July 23rd finally arrived.  No-one could ask for a more perfect day so we shall let the photos tell you the rest. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Andrew Reader!


Classification: July 2016
A satisfactory classification with Luke Harris.  Three new Excellents and six Multiple Excellents add to the collection and six of the thirteen heifers making VG, Barnowl Kyros Azalea topping the group at 88.

Royal Norfolk Show 2016
James Evans judged  Moonshine Reagans Java ET VG89 Champion at the Royal Norfolk Show.  A great win for both Ben Etteridge as owner and us as custodians of his cattle.  Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93 was her Reserve having taken the intermediate class, with Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine VG88 winning the Junior cow.  Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 EX92(2) and Barnowl Visis Ex90 (2) took 2nd & 4th Senior Cow and went on to take first and second in the 30,000kg class, the progeny pair and the Breed and then the Interbreed Breeders Group with Jasmine.  

Representing the Breed Java, and VV3 were Reserve Pair and Visis joined them to make the Reserve Group.  A sound performance for the day topped with winning the Show Stand as well.

Milk Recording, July 2016

Like many others we are struggling with the weather - grass everywhere but mud to get to it.  Despite this the herd average stayed steady at 21.9kg 5.04% 3.37%.

Top heifer finishing was Barnowl Miles Victoria at 6224 5.87% 4.09% in 320 days.  A selection of cows with extended lactations also finished, five of them average 11,531kgs in 451 days and all due again in July and August.

Surrey County Show 2016

Bank holiday Monday saw Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93 go one better than she achieved at Nottinghamshire Show, taking the Supreme Dairy Champion.  On her way she took the 20,000kg class, Senior Cow and Jersey Champion. Other awards for the Barnowl team included second in the Under 18 Months class for Allstar Victoria 2 (age 11 months) and first and second heifer in milk (Kyros Leaf VG85 and Fascinate Samantha VG86 respectively). Junior Milk Cow was a one-two for Tyler Leaf VG88 and Fascinate Jasmine VG86.  Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(2) came second to Vicki in the 20,000kg class when only 6 days calved and also took third place Senior Cow.  Vicki, VV3 and Tyler Leaf had the Group of Three with Samantha and Fascinate Jasmine taking the progeny Pair with the Leaf maternal sisters coming second.

The group of three came second in the interbreed section with Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93 taking Supreme Honours. 

Her yields are as follows:
1    2/00    16/11/2013   9023  305  4.89  3.72  
2    3/00    01/11/2014   8570  305  5.19  3.92
3    4/00    04/11/2015   7537  189  5.64  3.74 and she carries to Dimension.


Nottinghamshire County Show 2016

A great weekend at Nottinghamshire County Show where Barnowl Action Vicki Ex93 took Breed Champion and Reserve Supreme to Diane and Roger Steeples superb 5th calver.  Vicki's lactation to date is 7,537kg 5.64% 3.74%, in 189 days and she is in calf again to Dimension.  

Also in the Team, Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(2) who won both the dry cow and production qualifier, Barnowl Kyros Leaf and Barnowl Samantha who took 1st and 2nd Heifer in Milk respectively, and Barnowl Impuls Victoria who took 2nd cow in milk to team-mate Vicki.  Barnowl Allstar Victoria had 2nd in the calf class.

In addition to the Reserve Supreme we had 2nd and 4th in the Interbreed Pairs, and won both the Group of Three and Group of Four.

Milk Recording, May 2016

Top yield was from Moonshine Reagans Java ET at 42.4kgs.  

Top finishers:
Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(2) finished her 4th lactation at 8,325kgs 5.99% and 4.12%

Three heifers finished their first lactation with yields over 7,000kgs:

Barnowl Fascinate Louise Zebre GP81    7,245kgs 5.78% 3.99%
Barnowl Ressurection Bouquet GP80      7,299kgs 5.34% 3.88%
Barnowl Fascinate Bouquet GP83            8,191kgs 5.19% 3.52%

Herd Average 22.6kgs 5.36% 3.90%

Turn-out - at last!

April 7th must be one of our latest turnouts, but with the grass not growing and intermittent rain keeping the ground soft it's been a challenge.

 Anyway, the girls had their first taste of fresh grass after evening milking.  

So keen for the grass that they didn't want to come in for bed even when it rained again!

Milk Recording, March 2016

A quiet month for finishers - several around 8500kg but topping the list this month is Barnowl Lix Victoria finishing her first lactation at 10,316kg 6.21% and 4.15% in 447 days. She calves again in April to Barnowl Invictus.  

Herd average was 22.7kg at 6.07% and 4.05%.

Milk Recording, February 2016

Two finishers over 10,000 this month:

Priestcar Sambo Celandine finishes her 7th lactation at 10,447kgs 4.96, 4.14 and is due on April 1st to sexed Action.
Barnowl Coms Shammy has produced 10,443 kgs at 5.45 and 3.98.  She calves again in May to Jubilee Everest

Two heifers have finished at just under 8,000kgs:
Barnowl Fortitude Bouquet:         7,986 4.89 3.62 - disappointing solids for that family - Fortitude shouldn't have that effect surely? Carrying to Tyler
Cidamon Ressurection Struby:    7,946 5.20 3.99 - a solid performance from Pat Rosser's "Red" line.    Carrying to Jubilee Everest

For those of you following "Iggy" she recorded 25.6kgs 4.56 and 3.66.

"Iggy" has Popped!

Our Royal Norfolk Grand Champion calf Barnowl Kyros (Iggy) Azalea has calved her first and the first Barnowl Invictus calf, and its a heifer!

Iggy has calved at 4 days under 22 months of age.  She is a Kyros daughter out of the 90 point Barnowl Senior Azalea (3rd lact). Should Iggy make excellent in time she will become the 4th straight generation to achieve the score.

Barnowl Invictus is a Miles son out of the Royal Norfolk Breed Champion Barnowl Visis Ex90 GM,MM(2) (just completing 3rd lact)
She was also supreme champion at Surrey County 2014

Milk Recording, January 2016

A different report this time: instead of picking our top finishers (we have one at 11,286kg, and another at 10,347kg plus heifers over 8,000kg) we thought a focus on solids percentages would be of interest.

Three animals have achieved or exceeded 12% solids this recording:
Barnowl Hover Fanfare                VG85, 19.4kg 7.53%  4.60% (calved 03/05/15)  12.13%
Barnowl Visis                                Ex90, 13.8kg 7.27%  4.82% (calved13/04/15)   12.09%
Moonshine Senior Asters Apricot VG85, 20.0kg 7.64% 4.36% (calved 16/12/15)  12.00%

A further three exceeded 11.% solids
Barnowl Precise Louise Bouquet VG85,   6.5kg  7.75%  4.18% (calved 30/06/15) Heifer     11.93%
Barnowl Lix Victoria                      VG85, 19.4kg  7.22% 4.69% (calved12/12/14) Heifer       11.91%
Goodtime Columbian Henning     VG88, 24.4kg  6.93%  4.17% (calved 22/12/15)               11.10%

More than 20% of the herd recorded solids in excess of 10% this month, nearly half of these being heifers.

Classification Results, January 2016
Twelve heifers scored with 3 VGs:  Barnowl Fascinate Samantha (86), Barnowl Viceroy Cuddle (86) and Barnowl Starbuck Celandine (85) plus a good selection of 81-83s.  As many are not yet two years old this is particularly pleasing.
Twenty three cows scored with 16 VGs and 7 new Excellents.  Multiple Excellents for Barnowl Simon Isis MM4  Ex90(2) and Barnowl R Senior Tulip MM5 Ex92(5).

Oxfordshire Herd Competition Results

With 13 herds taking part in the competition, and most of the classes being production/Inspection this is a really pleasing competition in which to do well. With a good mix of pure-bred and cross-bred herds it draws some interesting comparisons on efficiency and productivity.

The milking herd came 2nd in the Small herds and was 2nd overall on inspection, also winning the Channel Island Trophy.  The youngstock won their section and a progeny by Barnowl Galahad came second against some strong AI bulls.  The Sunshine Family completed our success winning the Family Group Trophy.

Five Counties and Thames & Isis Herd Competition Results
Great Results from this joint herd competition which covers an area from us to the south coast.
Oliver Neagle won the overall Herd (Production/Inspection) whilst we collected the T&I section.
We were also awarded 3 other firsts in the 5 Counties Competition: Progeny Group (Action), Judge's Choice (Barnowl Samurai Victoria), Heifer in Calf (Moonshine Iatolas Misty).

These were also reflected in the T&I section where we collected nine firsts altogether.  Additional wins were:
Best Individual Cow, Production/Inspection      Barnowl Action Vicki
Best Heifer in Milk, Inspection                           Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine
Best Dam & Daughter                                       Barnowl Glamcom Countess & Barnowl Viceroy Countess
Heifer Production/Inspection                             Barnowl Precision Louise Bouquet
Lifetime Production/Inspection                          Barnowl Samurai Victoria

Congratulations to Oliver for his win and our thanks to Kathy Le Brun for organising the Competition and presentation lunch, and to Nick Dain for his time and expertise as the judge.

November Milk Recording

Highest Yield: Barnowl Action Vicki VG89  44.0kgs, 5.60% 3.80%

Top Finishers:
 We usually select the top two or three, but this last month we have no fewer than ten cows exceeding 9000 litres.  The average is 9,824kgs. In line number order:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
Moonshine Senior Asters Apricot VG85  3rd lactation  311 days9,8165.283.7314/12/15 Action
Bluemoon Action Blackberry VG85
3rd lactation 461 days
9,0735.533.6416/03/16 Invictus
Moonshine Senior Bumblebee
3rd lactation 342 days
10,217 5.10 3.64 18/04/16  Invictus 
Abbotsley Achilles Gale VG85
2nd lactation 484 days
9,3835.543.8327/12/15 Invictus
Maervale Excitation Fancy VG89
4th lactation 447 days
11,9594.993.6718/12/15 Everest
Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(4)
6th lactation 430 days
10,1985.173.8914/12/15 Olympian
Barnowl Simon Crocus VG88
4th lactation 324 days
9,014 4.813.62  27/11/15 Tyler
Grahmar Action Cuddle VG85
2nd lactation 319 days
 9,9135.254.0401/12/15  Tyler 
Priestcar Tyler Leaf VG87
2nd lactation
9,5205.78 3.89 27/12/15  Everest 
Barnowl Galahad Sycamore VG86
3rd lactation 354 days
 9,1485.823.92 16/12/15  Everest 
Barnowl Lix Tulip VG85
428 days
8,220 5.92 4.25 18/01/16  Everest 

November 12th

TB result - All Clear.  It all counts as a false alarm.  

Having seen what this has cost us financially and emotionally we sympathise with all who have been managing in worse and long-term TB situations. Surely more effective and definitive screening and testing would save everyone, including the Government ie the taxpayer, a fortune.

October Classification

A small classification this time with 24 animals presented.  3 new Excellents including Barnowl Senior Azalea.  Fifteen heifers were scored with 2 at 85, one at 86 and one at 87.  Disappointing scores on a test bull whose two representatives scored 80 [dam Ex90(2)] and 74 [dam 88].  The balance were mainly second calvers improving their heifer scores, averaging out at >86.

October Arla Meeting     

October 22nd saw more than 40 Arla farmers attend a meeting here to look at effective use of antibiotics and teat sealants for the dry period.  Criteria were discussed along with techniques of administration and withdrawal periods.  The opportunity to practice DCT administration (albeit on rubber udders) created the expected levels of ribald humour. The meeting is one of many Arla are providing to help farmer members meet Arlagarden standards. 


Annual Lactation Summary: 30/09/2015
Whole Herd    6825kg     5.43%    3.89% calving index 397
Milk kgs slightly down on last year, but with tighter grazing management, taking in new cattle (majority NQ this year) and 36% heifers it meets our projections.  Average for cows is 7269kgs.

October Milk Recording

Top Finishers:

Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Coms Gateau 2
361 days 3rd lactation
 Barnowl Action Vicki VG89
317 days 2nd lactation
8,8055.193.9203/11/2015Action (sexed)
 Priestcar Big Show Celandine 
634 days 
 14,3995.05 3.8221/11/2015 Everest 
 Barnowl Excitation Victoria 2
352 days
8,7745.22  3.7903/11/2015 Action (sexed) 
 Barnowl Lix Fanfare
368 days
7,408 6.10 4.1521/11/2015  Olympic

Average Yield 22.5kgs     94 recorded 

TB Test Update.
Facebook friends will know about our current TB situation - in July a cull cow showed a lesion which could be TB so we were shut down whilst a 6-week culture was run.  We ran an immediate whole herd skin test, which was clear, but have been unable to take cattle to shows.  We had hoped to be cleared by now, but the culture test was "inconclusive" which means the laboratory will have another go - and keeps us on tenterhooks for another 6 weeks.  If the result (due in November) is clear this will be considered a false alarm, anything else we will be running skin and gamma tests on November 23rd.

August Milk Recording

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2
 7th lactation 389 days

 Barnowl Galahad Louise Bouquet 2
2nd lactation 431 days

Average Yield 21.9kgs     100 recorded 

July Milk Recording

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Senior Azalea VG89
 2nd lactation 345 days
8,3584.733.3325/09/2015Jubilee Everest
 Barnowl Galahad Flowergirl VG86
 2nd lactation 379 days
9,812 5.00 3.97 07/08/2015 Jubilee Everest 
 Barnowl Impuls Louise Zebre 
 2nd lactation 400 days
8,948 6.00 4.23 01/08/2015 Jubilee Everest 
 Barnowl Viceroy Emerald VG85
 400 days
 Barnowl Tequila Flowergirl
356 days

Average Yield 22.4kgs     95 recorded including 10 fresh heifers

Royal Norfolk Show 1-2 July 2015
What a Great Show!  Having never been before it was a new and enjoyable experience with some great results.  
Not only did Barnowl Visis Ex90 GM(1) MM(1) take Champion Jersey,
Barnowl Kyros Azalea took Interbreed Dairy Heifer and Heifer of the Show.  Our thanks to Andrea who seemed to spend hours with her in one class or another!  

 Our full breed results are:  1st Calf: Azalea, 1st Milk Heifer; Barnowl Fascinate Jasmine, 2nd Junior Cow, Barnowl Coms Shammy VG89, 1st & 2nd in both the Senior Cow and the Production class with Visis and Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex92(2) GM(1) MM(2) and 1st Group with the three cows.

The Interbreeds saw further success with our Senior cows representing the Breed and winning the Pair, Winning the Breeders Group and being Reserve for the Breed Group.

June Milk Recording

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Sunnydawn Lexington Knapweed VG86  302 days  8,7745.73  3.96  13/08/15        Jubilee Everest
 Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2 Ex91(3)
389 days
  9,1864.35   3.78   09/08/15 Jubilee Everest 
 Barnowl Senior Azalea VG89
345 days
 8,3584.73   3.33   25/09/15 Jubilee Everest 
Barnowl Excitation Chamomile VG86 357 days  7,0095.41 4.03 17/07/15Jubilee Everest
 Barnowl Precision Louise Bouquet GP83 332 days  7,369  5.56  3.81   28/06/15 Action 

Average Yield 24.0 kgs 5.40 3.81     85 recorded, 31 heifers

May 2015 Surrey County Show Results
Surrey Show saw tough competition led by Barnowl and Mike, Bev and Zoe Clear. Bev Clear took her lovely Syria cow all the way to Supreme Champion and we were happy to have Barnowl Coms Shammy VG89 as her Reserve Champion with Priestcar Tyler Leaf VG87 as Honourable Mention.  With four breed firsts, including first and second in the progeny pairs (Viscount and Comerica) it was also gratifying to win the Interbreed Breeders Group with
 Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3  Ex92(2) GM(1) MM(2), Barnowl Visis Ex90 GM(1) MM(1) and Shammy.  

Heidi was congratulated on her winning show stand for clarity, content and display of information, meeting the competition requirements for public and farmers alike. 

May 2015 Nottinghamshire Show Results
Barnowl achieved a good selection of reds and blues at Nottinghamshire Show.  Barnowl Kyros Azalea started the day winning the Maiden class with three second places following.  After that a further three firsts in the breed including both Senior Milk Cow and Production Inspection for Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3  Ex92(2) GM(1) MM(2).  Tough competition in the Interbreed Breeders Group yielded a further second place and the highlight of the dairy section - the Interbreed Team of Four was Barnowl's (again) with Victoria being joined by Priestcar Tyler Leaf VG87, Barnowl Viceroy Countess and Barnowl Coms Shammy VG89.

May 2015:  Classification Results
May 18th had Phil Oliver classifying at Barnowl.  Thirteen heifers produced five VGs including Priestcar Tyler Leaf at VG87 and Bluemoon Comerica Rose at VG86. A test bull daughter only managed G77 due to poor mammary (a definite retrograde step on her female line) but all others were GP81-GP84.

Sixteen cows achieved 7 Excellents and 7 VGs.  Top of the list came a Fresh-calved DJ May daughter at EX92(2) and Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 GM(1) MM(2) Ex92(2), three weeks calved with her fourth calf..

April Milk Recording

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Simon Fanfare VG86
386 days 5th lactation
 Barnowl Lady Silvan
356 days 2nd lactation
9,858 4.65 3.64 04/06/15  Ribblesdale Beaumont
 Barnowl Lady Jasmine EX90
350 days 3rd lactation
 9,6025.01 3.56 04/05/15 Broiler 
 Barnowl Coms Event VG87
374 days 2nd lactation
 9,4325.57 4.10 25/05/15 Lure 
Barnowl Action Sunshine GP82
408 days 

 Barnowl Roys Bourree 
310 days
6,212 5.01 3.45 15/05/15 Chief 

Average Yield 23.9kgs 5.27 3.94     85 recorded, 27 heifers

March Milk Recording

New Herd Record.  It was about 20 years ago when we first had a cow record more than 40kgs, and it happens with increasing frequency.  Some, like Barnowl Senior Tulip Ex92(4) achieving it on consecutive recordings.  
This recording, however, we had two animals break the 40kg barrier; 
Moonshine Whisper Natalie recorded 41.8kg, 4.48% & 3.53% and 
Moonshine Action Squidgy set a new herd record of 48.6kg, 4.95% & 2.99%.  

Pictured Left: Moonshine Action Squidgy, Lactation 3, a few days after recording 48.6kg herd record.

Average Yield 22.4kg 5.71% 3.99%. Total recorded 88, no of heifers 35.  

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Galahad Sunshine VG85
318 days 2nd lactation
 Barnowl Simon Sunshine Ex90(2)
329 days 5th lactation
 8,6065.79 4.07 16/04/15 Action 
 Albanian Iatola Samantha 
387 days 2nd lactation
 10,3846.57 4.15 06/04/15 Blue 
Barnowl Impuls Victoria VG86
387 days

February 2015: Herds Competition Results
Two Herds' Competition Results in this month - both are Interbreed Competitions.  Oxfordshire has strengthened in recent years with the acceptance of cross-bred and mixed breed herds to the traditional pedigree herds.

Oxfordshire Milk Records:
1st              Herd Inspection 
2nd             Herd Production & Production Inspection  - Small Herd
2nd             Youngstock
2nd             Single Cow, Production Inspection - Barnowl Senior Tulip Ex92(4) was top Inspection and 3rd Production
2nd             Progeny Production Inspection - Barnowl Simon daughters were top Inspection and 2nd Production
1st              Milk Heifer - Barnowl Action Vicki VG89 was 1st Production and Production Inspection
2nd & 3rd    Female Family - the Victorias and Sunshines

Northampton Cattle Breeders' Club:
3rd             Herd Inspection
2nd            Herd Production Inspection - Small Herd
1st              Progeny Group - Barnowl Viscount
2nd            Young Bull Progeny - Barnowl Fascinate
2nd            Star Cow - Inspection - Barnowl Visis
1st              Female Family - Victorias

January Milk Recording:

Average Yield 21.1kg 5.91% 4.06%. Total recorded 92, no of heifers 37.  

Top Yield: Asters Apricot 36.0kg 5.23% 3.6%

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Priestcar Sambo Celandine GP84 340 days 6th lactation9,8135.154.1516/02/2015Broiler
 Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91
347 days 3rd lactation
 Barnowl Glamcom Countess VG89
343 days 2nd lactation
 10,2714.903.6623/02/2015 Broiler 
Priestcar Big Show Bambi
625 days
14,0155.403.7319/03/2015Br Blue
 Barnowl Action Gateau VG85
353 days
7,5024.72 3.56 17/03/2015 Broiler 

December Milk Recording:

Average Yield: 20.8kg 5.86% 4.11%.  With many of the new cows previously having a lactation average below 4,000kg we are pleased with this. They continue to settle in and the first to calve here, Moonshine M Vin A Lady In Waiting Ex90 (3rd calf), recorded 28.8kg 5.08% 3.89%.

Top yield: Action Cuddle VG85 35.6kg 5.89% 4.14%.

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Governor Libby Ex91
328 days Lact 4
Priestcar Connection Leaf VG87
359 days Lact 4
8,3756.374.1629/01/2015Bel Blue
Graceland Dougies Dolly Ex93(4)
422 days Lact 8
Grahmar Time Cuddle GP82
401 days
 Barnowl Galanthus VG85
302 days
6,2374.91 3.41 28/01/2015 Chief 

December 2014: Classification Results
Two Excellents and 7 VGs topped this small group of 15 cows and heifers.  Topping the points were Moonshine M Vin A Lady In Waiting Ex90 (3rd calf) and Maervale May Halla Ex91(2) GM(2) MM(1) (5th calf), both newly arrived on the farm this autumn. Three second calvers moved from GP to VG and Barnowl Action Vicki (2nd calf) gained a point making her VG89.  With a 305 day first lactation of 9023 litres 4.89% 3.72% and a full show season behind her we could not ask for any more!

December 2014:  Five Counties Herd Competition Results
The judge this year was Mr Richard Saxby and the results announced at the Christmas Luncheon on December 1st.

Barnowl came home with eight trophies including Best Thames & Isis Milking Herd and three others from the combined competition including Best Individual Cow (Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(4) MM(4) ) and Best Youngstock.  Second in the Dam  & Daughter (Victorias), and Progeny (Barnowl Viscount) and third in the In-milk Heifer (Barnowl Action Vicki) and In-Calf Heifer (Barnowl Excitation Phantasy) rounded off a successful competition. Congratulations to Michael Clear and Oliver Neagle whose milkers topped the Production and Inspection sections of the competition respectively.

November Milk Recording:

Average Milk Yield:  21.1kg, 5.61% 4.00%
Top Yield: Barnowl Coms Gateau 2, 32.4kg 5.44,3.65

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Simon Crocus 
438 days
9,9564.633.7028/11/14Fert Plus
 Barnowl Glamcom Emerald
329 days
8,6965.453.8907/12/14Barnowl Fascinate
 Grahmar Action Cuddle
310 days
9,078 5.20 3.98 28/11/14 Jebb 
 Barnowl Tiramisu
363 days
7,000 6.69 4.43 08/01/15 Angus 

October/November 2014: New additions to herd
As part of our expansion plans purchases in October from the Abbotsley and Maervale dispersal sales, adding ten new milkers (currently in isolation) to the herd which have all settled in well.  November 6th saw the arrival of Ben Etteridge's Moonshine herd of 23 who have joined the isolation group whilst health tests are completed.  

October 2014: Classification
A pleasing classification with Phil Oliver on October 6th.  Eight Excellents, including 3rd calver Barnowl Lady Jasmine moving up from VG86.  Three second calvers made VG89:  Barnowl Glamcom Countess, Barnowl Coms Shammy and Barnowl Visis.  The heifers had two at 86 and two at 85 followed by a consistent run of GPs.

September 2014: Great Finish to Show Season
Southwell Ploughing Match was our final show of the year with some excellent and well supported Jersey classes. Three months on from her first Interbreed title of the year (Surrey County), Barnowl Visis VG87 GM(1) 
repeated her achievement under Matt Pye (Breed) and Anne Harrison (Interbreed Judge).

Joining her to win the Interbreed Pair was Barnowl Coms Event VG86, GM(1), then Barnowl Action Vicki VG88 was added to the twosome to take the Interbreed Group as well.  Visis currently averages 29.6kg/day in milk during her second lactation, Event averages 29.0kg/day.  Vicki is near completing her first lactation and has produced 9023 litres in 305 days.  She is due to Jebb in early November.

 L-R Barnowl Action Vicki VG88, Barnowl Coms Event VG86, GM(1), Barnowl Visis VG87 GM(1)
On a lighter note, Andrew managed a photo opportunity we have always longed for:

September 2014: Milk Recording

Average Milk Yield:  20.6kg, 5.49% 3.93%
Top Yield: Sunnydawn Lexington Knapweed  33.2kg 5.65%, 3.44%

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Senior Fanfare
311 days
 Barnowl Galahad Sycamore
303 days

September 2014: Judging at SPACE, France
Charles was honoured to be invited to judge the Jersey classes at SPACE, Rennes on September 19th.  Although numbers were small (stall numbers are limited) the enthusiasm of the exhibitors was apparent and the top cattle were excellent.  His Champion was a milking heifer, as yet to be classified.  Under the French system she is expected to score maximum (86).  She can then gain a point per lactation if appropriate until 5th lactation when scoring is no longer controlled.

Our thanks to Olivier for his organisational skills, even with a broken clavicle. The pleasure of seeing the SPACE spectacle and the visits he organised was considerable, and the opportunity to understand some of the French systems very useful.

There are now photos from the event available at
or if your French is good enough try for more information.

August 2014: Bucks County Show
A good show at Bucks County.  Top honours went to the Clear family's Moneypenny - a worthy winner.  
We had a good selection including first and second in two classes and second, third and fourth in two more.
 Our highlight was the Interbreed Progeny Group with daughters of Barnowl Viscount. 

August 2014: Milk Recording

Average Yield: 22.8kg 5.13 fat & 3.82% protein

Top Yield: Barnowl Simon Sunshine 38.8kg. 5.39%, 4.09%

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Albanian Maximus Seal
509 days
12,527 5.93 3.9517/09/2014Kaiser Chief
 Barnowl Coms Gateau 2
 323 days
  8,418  5.58  3.86  30/09/2014Fascinate 
 Barnowl Coms Shammy
 313 days
 7,002  5.32  3.60  27/09/2014Miles

August 2014: UKJ Young Members' Weekend
Young Members' Weekend started here more than 20 years ago and has developed and grown with the enthusiasm of Nick Dain.  Now "retired" (from this role if not his many others) the organising and planning fell on the shoulders of Matt Pye (Youth Chairman) and Ben Etteridge (Vice-Chairman) with Rachel and Emma from UKJ managing the administration.        

A good attendance with lots of first time participants and lots of fun.  Most of the time was good weather but two flash storms left a couple of wet tents.

Lots of parents in support (thank you) and also visitors from the local area who came to see the cattle close-to.  Silly games on Saturday night led to some of the gentleman having a close shave(!) and we have been reminded how few hours sleep you can get away with when you are under the age of 30!  Rachel and Frances never seemed to stop filling the water boiler and wiping the tables, there is enough clipped hair to fill a sofa and we now have a good selection of halter-trained youngstock.

Thank you to all those involved; organisers, sponsors, competitors, parents, judges, Mark Smith whose photos should be available soon, and a big thank you to Heidi Baker, and Michelle & Sarah Howie for all the work they put in on the heifers beforehand.

Well done to all who took part - we loved having you here.

July 2014: DairyCo Planning for Profit Meeting
On July 23rd we hosted a DairyCo workshop looking at finances, costs, inheritance and a host of financial considerations.  Unsettling, and definitely taking people out of their comfort zone the issues raised will either turn those who attended into ostriches or give them new ways of analysing and improving their business performance.  Thanks to Shirley Macmillan for organising it. 

July 2014: Northampton Cattle Breeders Stockjudging
Roger Steeples acted as Master Judge when NCB held one of their stockjudging evenings here.  Those of you who know Roger will understand if I edit what he said to Charles - "You b........... I knew you'd put on a b...... good class but that was the toughest stockjudging I've had to do for years and a d..... sight better than many shows in recent years."  Thank you Roger!

July 2014: European Visitors
July 5th saw us welcome a group of German and Danish visitors to the farm as part of a short tour looking at Jersey breeding and management in the UK.  It was good to have them picking out senior cows with 8 and 9 lactations behind them as well as the younger "star" cows and discuss some of their issues with mountains, 200 day winters and regulations gone mad! 

July 2014: Livestock Event
Not our best show as Visis had digestive troubles - and we all know what that means in a dairy cow!  She still managed a 3rd as did Action Vicki in the Milk Heifers.  As Vicki recorded 31.8kg at 221 days calved the previous week we can be happy with that.  As Chief Dairy Steward Charles was really pleased with the atmosphere, and the attitude from exhibitors and passes his thanks on to everyone who contributed either at the show or by "holding the fort" at home.

June 2014:  The family that calves together......
One cow and three of her daughters have all calved over a period of 8 days.  Barnowl A Simon Flowergirl VG86 and her three daughters set a herd record for us with the following timetable:

June 21st:  Barnowl Tequila Flowergirl calved her first calf
June 26th: Barnowl Galahad Flowergirl calved her second calf
June 29th: Barnowl Viscount Flowergirl calved her third calf
June 28th: Barnowl A Simon Flowergirl calved her fifth & sixth calf (twin heifers)

Unfortunately the three daughters all produced bull calves but we welcome their two new sisters (by Miles) to the family.

June 2014:  Milk Recording
Average Yield: 23.7kg 4.99 fat & 3.81% protein

Top Yield: Barnowl Lady Silvan, 38.8kg 4.24% fat & 3.07% protein

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl R Senior Tulip
 303 days
11,028  5.08  4.01  10/08/2014Excitation
 Barnowl Simon Victoria
 306 days
  7,143  5.04  4.05   09/08/2014Excitation 
 Barnowl Time Doll
 279 days
 7,582  5.23  3.73  11/08/2014Excitation

June 2014: Judging appointments
Charles has judged the Jerseys at South of England and Lincolnshire Shows this month.  Although, like many shows, numbers were not as great as historically, quality was good.  Congratulations to the Dean family with Hoppickers Kibbles Fudge and the Arrowsmith family with Jasi Autumn Mist, the respective champions. 

This year is a quiet year for judging appointments with no overseas appointments - no bad thing with the amount of time Charles puts in as Chief Steward of the National Dairy Show. Even so, invitations to judge have been coming in for 2015.

29th May 2014:  Holstein & Jersey Breeders visit Barnowl

On Thursday 29th we were visited by a number of Jersey and Holstein enthusiasts drawn together under the Southern Jersey Club banner to visit the farm.  "Luncheon on the lawn" had to be amended to hot soup in the workshop but the worst of the promised weather did not eventually materialise.  It was good to catch up with many old friends and meet some new ones, and to share ideas and tips about cow and grassland management.  

Our thanks to Kathy Le Brun for her snap of Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91 GM(1), MM(1) - definitely back in her working clothes after her success at Nottinghamshire and Surrey Shows.

26th May 2014:  Surrey County Show Results

It was fantastic to have both James Waring (Breed) and John Westaway (Interbreed) confirm our belief in Barnowl Visis VG87 GM(1) at Surrey Show.  Having retained her bull calf, Barnowl Invictus, it was great to see her take both Breed and Interbreed Champion on her first outing of 2014.  Barnowl Action Vicki VG88 (milk heifer) was Reserve Champion and Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91 GM(1) MM(1), Champion from Nottingham Show earlier this month, secured the Senior Cow class.  Visis and Victoria also secured the Progeny Pair with Barnowl Coms Shammy VG88 and Barnowl Coms Event VG88 GM(1) coming second.  Visis, Victoria and Event took both the Breed and Interbreed Exhibitor's Group with John Westaway commenting that he had never seen a group of such uniform quality - quite an accolade.

Unfortunately not a day for photos - there can't be much more rain up there!  
     This snap of Visis from the Interbreed lineup before placings were announced. 

14th May 2014:  Milk Recording

Average Yield: 24kg 5.11 fat & 3.83% protein

Top Yield: Priestcar Sambos Celandine, 37.8kg 4.73% fat & 3.92% protein

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Saxown BB Cash 56
 569 days
 Priestcar Sargent Celandine
 354 days
  8,4936.114.0726/01/2015Kaiser Chief
 Barnowl Simon Countess
 545 days
12,730 6.364.0825/05/2014Barnowl Fascinate
 Barnowl Simon Louise Bouquet
 339 days
 7,299 6.42 4.02  30/06/2014Kyros 
 Barnowl Excitation Bouquet 4
 387 days 
 Barnowl Galahad Flowergirl
 385 days

9-11th May 2014:  Newark & Nottinghamshire Show Results

Rebecca Jarvis was Jersey Judge and David Tomlinson Interbreed Judge on a weekend of hard work and much pleasure.

In the Breed classes we missed only two places - 1st for the maiden heifer and the senior cow.  

Although Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91 GM(1) MM(1) was only Reserve Supreme behind CR Cawston's Poringland Ruby 7, we proceeded to take the Interbreed awards for: Dam & Daughter, Exhibitor Bred Pair (1st & 2nd), Exhibitor's Team of Three and Breed Team of 4 with (L-R)  Barnowl Coms Shammy VG88, Barnowl Action Vicki VG88, Barnowl Coms Event VG86 GM(1), Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 Ex91 GM(1) MM (1).

12th April 2014: Isis bull calf retained

After the success of Simon and Viscount the opportunity to retain another bull from the Isis family has occurred.  Barnowl Visis VG87 calved her 2nd calf on April 12th following a heifer lactation of 6144, 5.47 & 3.77% in 310 days.  Sired by Miles, Barnowl Invictus is showing promise in his early growth rate and structure. 

March Milk Recording:

Top Yield: 36.6 kg, 4.83 & 3.46%, Barnowl Glamcom Countess VG88

Average Yield 21.2 kg 5.72, 3.93% /cow in milk - pleasing with heifers contributing 44% of herd numbers

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2  Ex91(2)  369 days10,971 4.61 3.5924/04/2014 Starbuck
 Barnowl Lady Victoria 3 G78 
 295 days
  8,445  4.32 3.27 09/05/2014  Kyros
 Barnowl Excitation Victoria Ex91(2)  300 days  8,049 5.49  4.01 03/05.2014  Miles 
 Barnowl Lady Silvan
 689 days
15,306 4.71 3.8120/04/2014 Barnowl Fascinate
 Priestcar Sargent Ivory VG85
 342 days
 6,912 4.87 3.82 26/03/2014  Kyros
 Barnowl Impuls Louise Zebre GP82
 298 days
 6,361  5.91  3.94 09/05/2014 Miles 

3rd March 2014: Classification Results:
An interesting classification: only seven cows, four of which were Excellent/multiple Excellent, the others VG. There were 16 heifers, mostly calved in February, by 8 different sires.  Scores ranged from 80 to 88 (B Coms Shammy and B Action Vicki at 88), but the breakdown by sire will be interesting to compare to national figures:

Dtrs    Sire                       Avg Score
1        Comerica                88
1        Barnowl Viscount    87
3        Barnowl Galahad     86
3        Action                    85
3        Belles Pride            85
1        Grand Prix              85
1        Tyler                      84 
3        On Time                 82

Barnowl Fascinate classified 92 - a superb score for such a young bull. 

March 2014:  Northants Cattle Breeders Results:
The 2013 Herd Competition Results were announced at the annual dinner and included five wins from seven classes for Barnowl.

Small Herd (Production/Inspection)
Young Bull Progeny (Barnowl Viceroy)
Star Cow (Barnowl Lord Gateau)
Star Heifer (Barnowl Senior Azalea)
Family Group (Victoria)

In addition a Barnowl Simon progeny came 4th in the open progeny group and Barnowl Senior Tulip was 6th in the three lactation competition. The herd was second overall on inspection and third on production - very pleasing against some very good Holstein and Friesian herds.
February Milk Recording:

Top Yield: 41.4kg 4.47% and 3.15% Albanian Sirius Spark

Top Finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
Barnowl A R Azalea Ex90(2)
353 days
Barnowl A Vindication Beth Ex90
338 days
8,1725.553.7717/03/2014Barnowl Viscount

Barnowl Simon Fanfare 2 VG87
395 days
8,230 5.07 3.92 17/03/2014 Barnowl Fascinate
Barnowl Coms Event VG86
404 days
 8,2745.81 3.94 19/03/2014 Barnowl Fascinate 

January 2014:  Young Bull Retained:

Barnowl The Count, born 13th January has been kept from the small but well-bred Countess family.  Out of Barnowl Glamcom Countess VG88 whose first lactation was 7,181kg in 305 days (8,107kg in 350 days) he is by Jebb.  His dam is out of Barnowl Simon Countess Ex90 MM4 by Potterswalls Glams Comerica.  Her first test in her second lactation is 33.6kg, 5.43% 3.56%.

January Milk Recording:

Top Yield:  41.8kg, 4.21% and 3.02% Albanian Sirius Spark

Top finishers:
Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
Barnowl Governor Jasmine G79
283 days
7,0375.633.5311/03/2014Fert Plus
Barnowl Viscount Victoria 3 VG88 375 days7,3415.924.2214/02/2014Jebb

November Milk Recording:

Top Yield: 43.4Kgs,  5.38% and 4.04%  Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(3).  

Top Finishers:
 Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
Albanian Sunshine Surprise
428 days
11,4244.733.6327/11/2013 Starbuck
 Priestcar Sambo Celandine GP84  403 days10,636 5.19 4.19 12/01/2014  Starbuck 
 Priestcar Remake Ivory 2 VG87
336 days
9,304 4.18 3.63 19/12/2013  Miles 
 Barnowl Governor Libby VG87
320 days
7,286 5.27 3.80 15/12/2013         Miles
 Barnowl Simon Fanfare 2 VG87
329 days
7,333 5.02 3.88 17/03/2014  Barnowl Fascination 
 Barnowl Treacle 
335 days
8,166 6.54 4.16 05/01/2014          Fert Plus
 Cidamon Soignee GP837,8705.954.3301/02/2014Fert Plus
 Grahmar Action Cuddle GP81
332 days
7,790 5.18 3.83 25/11/2013 Barnowl Fascination 

October 30th 2013

Maximum marks for Senior Azalea

Barnowl Senior Azalea has been award maximum classification marks of 89.  This 2yr old was awarded the accolade on Monday.
Azalea becomes a 5th generation VG/Excellent animal

Dam;           Remake Azalea Ex90(2)
G Dam;       Sambos Camellia Ex90(4)
GG Dam;    Fanfares Chamomile VG86
GGG Dam; Fillpailers Chamomile VG85

Coming to the end of her maiden lactation, Azalea has produced; 7,385kgs of milk in 301 days, @ 4.9% Fat and 3.48% Protein.  Giving a combined weight of 619kgs of fat and protein.

October Milk Recording:

Top Yield: 48.0Kgs,  4.98% and 3.88%  Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex92(3).  
This is a herd record.  We have previously had several 44kgs but never 48kg!

Top Finishers:
 Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Albanian Sirius Spark
(445 days)
11,6844.853.58 29/11/2013 Fert Plus
 Albanian Sunshine Surprise 
(428 days)
11,424 4.73  3.63 27/11/2013 Potterswalls Superstar 
 Barnowl Senior Fanfare VG86
(387 days)
 9,8536.144.08  Calved HC  21/10/2013 Barnowl Fascinate
 Barnowl R Shammy Ex90
(351 days)
 8,624  5.504.05  28/11/2013 Barnowl Fascinate 
 Barnowl Glamcom Emerald F72
(367 days)
9,5475.183.71 22/11/2013 Barnowl Fascinate

 Grahmar Action Cuddle GP81
(332 days)
7,790 5.183.83  25/11/2013 Barnowl Fascinate
 Barnowl Glamcom Countess VG88
(311 days)
 7,3044.85 3.53 11/01/2014  Jebb 
 Barnowl Galahad Sycamore GP84
(338 days)
 7,2095.48 3.70  15/11/2013              Kyros

15th October 2013:  Sowden herd has Excellents from Barnowl Bull

We are really pleased to see the announcement about the Tracy family of the Sowden herd with an Excellent 96 dam and Excellent 95 twin daughters.  Even better when the daughters are by Barnowl Fanfares Samson Ex90. 

 His proof shows a daughter spread of nine herds and his classification scores show 75% of his classified daughters VG or Excellent, 22% making Excellent.   

 First daughters from our latest Fanfare bull, Barnowl Fascinate, are nearly 6 months old and showing all the promise we could wish for at this stage.

9th October 2013: Classification results

 20 cows inspected:

First Excellents    4

Multi Excellents    8

VG                         8

16 heifers inspected:

VG                         3

GP                      12

5/6th October 2013:  All Breeds All Britain Calf Show

With Tequila daughters dominating the Show James Strachan’s preferred type of animal was clearly demonstrated in a superb presence of quality Jerseys.  The Welsh had an excellent day with Tregibby and Mydrim taking top honours.

Michelle Howie placed well in her showmanship class with Barnowl Galahad Chammy (daughter of this year’s production class winner) but otherwise we had a quiet show, our cattle generally being stronger and better-fleshed than James prefers in his heifers.  Our thanks to Michelle for her work halter-training the team - it will certainly help towards next year's Young Members' Weekend.

As stewards Charles and Frances would like to thank all the exhibitors who worked to ensure their cattle were presented well and on time – it certainly made our jobs easier!


3rd October 2013: Dairy Farmer of the Year Results

Thursday October 3rd saw the Farmer of the Year Dinner with the results announced by no less than Alan (Voice of the Balls) Deddicoat and Kate Silverton.  Sadly Charles did not win the Dairy title, it going instead to Hugh McClymont of Crichton Royal Farm which boasts the dairy research establishment, an arable enterprise and a turnover of £1.5m.  The overall winner was Robert Newborough, winner of the Diversification Section and employer of over 100 staff – he had just returned from a marketing trip to Singapore.    

As the section winners were announced it was evident that the vast majority of finalists had lateral or vertegral integration in their businesses, nearly all considerably larger than us, so in the face of such competition we are pleased to have a small, pure dairy enterprise make the final - one for the little guys!

29th September 2013: Southwell Ploughing Match

September 28th saw Izzy Wright and Roger Steeples as Breed and Interbreed Judges at Southwell Ploughing Match.

A maiden heifer, Priestcar Tyler Leaf, was added to the core team and started the day with a red rosette.  A further eight firsts were added along with four seconds.  Barnowl Lord Gateau took highest honours with Reserve Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion, both judges commenting on the quality of her udder.

First and second in the breed pairs class (4 entries) emphasised the overall quality of the team, with first in the interbreed pairs and group of three confirming it.

Another reserve place for the show stand and lots of time spent talking to the public made it a great day all round.

21/22 September 2013: Interbreed Heifer Pair Champions at Newbury Show

 A glorious late summer September weekend graced Newbury Show and Jersey Judge Lena Lewis.

Wins in the first two classes, in-calf heifer and cow, saw Action Vicki and Shammy off to a good start.  Jeff and Anthea Daw’s Milk heifer narrowly beat Senior Azalea to 2nd place with the Judge commenting that the freshness of the winner was what separated her from 9-month calved Azalea.

Junior cow was won by Pierrepoint Jerseys with Lord Gateau and Viscount Victoria 2 at 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Pierrepoint went on to take Supreme Dairy Champion – well done.

Two more firsts and a second followed in the breed classes including Shammy continuing her unbeaten position in production classes. 

The following day saw Action Vicki and Azalea take the interbreed Heifer Pair title with senior cows Shammy and Louise Bouquet coming third in the cows.  The heifers also gained Honourable Mention in the Pairs Championship.

Newbury is very much a “general public” show and, between showing and talking to the public about farming Andrew also managed a tutoring session in Dairy Judging for Berkshire YFC – something that is now part of the show’s remit.    Andrew reflects; “It’s great to see how these young members have taken on board the information and have improved year on year.  Berkshire has the potential for some high standard judges to emerge in the next few years.” 

29th August 2013: Breed and Interbreed Success at Bucks County Show

A twelve-strong Barnowl Team all achieved awards at the 2013 Bucks County Show.  Starting the day were the Yearling heifers, Priestcar Tyler Leaf and Barnowl Precise Louise Bouquet, with third place going to new UKJ youth member, Frances Goss, with the first daughter of her Barnowl-bred cow.

 In-calf heifers continued the 1 and 2, and Frances’ dry cow beat Priestcar Connection Leaf into second place. Barnowl Senior Azalea led the Heifer in Milk class and another 1 and 2 followed in the Junior cows.  The Senior cows were led by Goodtime Jerseys’ very milky Shyster daughter, with Barnowl second and third.  This cow went on to become Reserve Champion to our Junior cow, Barnowl Viscount Victoria 2.

With three dam & daughter combinations in the team 1st (Shammys), 3rd (Louise Bouquets) & 4th (Leafs) were achieved, with Miss Goss’s pair taking second.  Breeders Group also added to the red rosettes and this was repeated in the Interbreed Groups although the Rettbar herd’s mature Family Pair pipped us for top honours and we settled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th, ahead of three other teams.

Designer Jerseys’ Richaven cow took the Interbreed award with Barnowl Viscount Victoria 2 at Reserve. Judge Tom Cope expressed the closeness of his decision but was happy to find Victoria took the Exhibitor-Bred Interbreed title.  

Following the showing we continued the PR element of our work – talking with the public about dairying, animal welfare, and of course bTB and the badger cull, where much progress was made explaining that badgers get sick with TB and haven’t we a duty to make sure they are healthy as well as the cattle?

(photos to follow)

28th August 2013: Milk Recording Results

We milk record with CIS (The Cattle Information Service Ltd) on a 6 weekly basis and our results for August 2013 are:

Average Yield: 21.2kgs, 5.53% fat, 3.83% protein - good to see constituents improving after a bad summer.

Top Yield: 33.6kgs  Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2 Ex91 (6th lactation)

Top Finishers:
 Cow Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Priestcar Connection Leaf VG87 (353 days), 3rd lactation7392

 B Coms Gateau 2 (394 days)6,7685.753.9421/09/2013Barnowl Viceroy

August 2013: Farmers Weekly Article; Dairy Farmer of the Year

Charles Reader

Cloisters Farm, Brackley, Northamptonshire

Charles Reader

The Jersey breed has been a lifelong passion for Charles Reader who has combined his pedigree focus with a steely determination to think commercially.

From the Barnowl Jersey Stud at Brackley, Northamptonshire, Charles and his wife Frances have built up a profitable business since moving from a county council tenancy to become owner-occupiers almost 20 years ago. The enterprise, which is on 82ha of limestone brash, comprises 90 milkers and followers and has seen an 18.4% rise in profit in four years as a result of careful cost control.

Forward buying of feed, zero interest on financing of machines, solar panels and membership of a buying group all keep expenditure down and have enabled Charles to invest in a few essentials.


  • 82ha with 90 Jersey milkers and followers
  • Moved from county council tenancy to purchase their own farm
  • 7,067 litres a cow and supplying Arla
  • Involved in cheese manufacture research with Reading University

Up until a year ago, the Readers were planning for retirement, but their son Andrew now wants to come back to the farm and so the outlook is about scaling up.

More cattle have been bought and a new workshop/livestock yard built to prepare for Andrew leaving his driving job and getting more involved in the business. A website,, has also been created to help with profile and marketing. The next area requiring attention will be the milking parlour, which is 24 years old, and in need of updating. Charles works full-time on the farm and a self-employed farmworker helps part-time, while Frances is the administrator as well as her job as an exercise instructor.

The breeding policy is based on producing Jerseys with a high solids percentage. The Jersey breed is starting to follow the Holsteins with excessively straight back legs and now frailty is being mistaken for dairyness. Charles has managed to avoid this by careful selection of bulls and matching them to specific females. This is something he is well placed to do as one of the top interbreed judges who has worked with the classifiers for many years.

Welfare of his stock is paramount and a DairyCo herd health plan is in place. Disease control measures are taken seriously with all cow purchases subject to pre-movement testing for TB, BVD, IBR and Johne’s. His calving policy involves using frozen clean colostrum to supplement the calf if needed.

Turnout is usually early- to mid-April, but unlike many herds, he rarely sees a increase in yield at turnout. He is achieving just over 7,000 litres a cow compared with a general Jersey herd average of 5,545 litres on a milk price average of 32.35p/litre from Arla.

Although he no longer farms organically, Charles prefers to manage his part-owned and part-rented land as best he can without artificial fertilisers. Limited water supplies in some areas of his farm have made life difficult

Yet these challenges have not deterred him from participation in research projects that benefit other Jersey breeders. Charles is currently supporting a science initiative at the University of Reading to explore the suitability of Jersey milk for cheddar cheesemaking, either on its own or blended.

Charles and Frances believe sound business ethics are vital to their success – looking after the cows, being fair to suppliers and supporting the wider industry.

“I am optimistic about the future,” said Charles. “I have always thought the breed comes first and we have been determined to put the Jersey on the map as a commercial cow.”

And there is plenty of evidence that he has done just that. Charles has represented the Jersey breed on virtually every trade organisation, hosted the World Jersey Cattle Bureau Conference Tour and been involved in dairying experiences for young people globally. He is on the NFU Regional Milk Committee and has just enjoyed his time as chief steward at the Livestock Event in Birmingham.

Sponsor's message

DairyCo logo“This year’s finalists have shown a determination to continually evolve their businesses. This demonstrates a huge commitment to British dairy farming, something we should all be very proud of.”

Amanda Ball


July 2013: Dairy Farmer of the Year Interview
Following Charles' shortlisting as a finalist for the Dairy Farmer of the Year Award the interview took place on July 15th.  A panel of four judges arrived on farm and we were then "grilled" (in a very pleasant manner) by them for three hours in a wide-ranging and exhaustive interview.  Results are not announced until the presentation dinner in October.

29th July 2013: Milk Recording Results

We milk record with CIS (The Cattle Information Service Ltd) on a 6 weekly basis and our results for June 2013 are:

Average Yield: 22.1kgs, 5.05% fat, 3.53% protein
Top Yield: 33.6kgs  Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2 Ex91 (6th lactation)

Top Finishers:
 Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl R Senior Tulip Ex91(2)
(306 days) (Lact 4)
10,2185.16 3.94 23/08/2013 Miles
 Barnowl Simon Victoria Ex90
(379 days) (Lact 4)
 8,6285.07 3.91 23/08/2013  Miles
 Barnowl Iatola Lily VG87 (585 days) (Lact 2) 12,8175.54 3.78  07/03/2013 Barnowl Fascinate
 Barnowl Lady Silvan (466 days)

11,7344.61 3.72 20/04/2014 Barnowl Fascinate
 Cidamon Soignee (435 days) 7,8705.954.3301/02/2014Fert Plus

June 2013: Dairy Farmer of the Year Finalist

We are delighted that Charles has been selected as one of three finalists for the Dairy Farmer of the Year Award.  This is one of 15 categories in the Farmers Weekly search for Farming Excellence, both in farming practice and service to the farming industry and local community.  The Judges visit the farm in July and the winner is announced in October.

5th June 2013: Milk Recording Results

We milk record with CIS (The Cattle Information Service Ltd) on a 6 weekly basis and our results for June 2013 are:

Average Yield: 22.8kgs, 4.98% fat, 3.73% protein
Top Yield:  38.4kgs, Barnowl Samurai Victoria 2 Ex91 (6th lactation)

Top Finishers:
 Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Simon Emerald
(357 days)
88315.00  3.90 08/07/2013 Fertility Plus
 Barnowl Lord Gateau
(354 days)
 72825.41  3.79 02/06/2013 Barnowl Fascinate
 Barnowl Lady Victoria 3
(380 days)
 10,051 4.423.41  01/06/2013 Barnowl Viceroy

27th May 2013:  Surrey County Show a real success

Barnowl Jerseys saw success not only within the show ring but also in the cattle lines.  With the Jerseys boasting the largest classes at this amazing one day show in Guildford, Surrey, awards were split mainly between the two big teams representing the breed.  Barnowl Senior Azalea a December calved heifer in milk the top animal from the Barnowl herd as Reserve Breed Champion to the Pierrepoint herd's Senior cow who became Reserve Supreme Dairy animal.
In the lines, Barnowl took top honours for Stand presentation and information against all cattle both Dairy and Beef, while the public from near and far (as Brazil) kept Charles and Andrew busy all afternoon with questions on breeding, dairy cattle in general, milk price/nutritional details etc.  As well as completing interviews with local and regional Television and radio, (watch out for the reporter on TV being handed Barnowl Glamcom Countess [if it hasn't been edited out]).

24th April 2013: Latest Milk Recording

We milk record with CIS (The Cattle Information Service Ltd) on a 6 weekly basis and our results for March 2013 are:

Average Yield: 22.5kgs 5.56% & 3.78%

Top Yield:    38.4kgs Albanian Maximus Seal (7th lactation)

 Top Finishers:



Fat %

Ptn %

Due Date

Bred To

Barnowl R Remake Jasmine





Rapid Bay Resurrection

Barnowl Excitation Victoria





Rapid Bay Resurrection


Barnowl Viscount Flowergirl





Barnowl Viceroy

Barnowl Lord Gateau





Barnowl Viceroy

Barnowl Lady Victoria 3

10,051 (380 days)




Barnowl Viceroy

13th & 14th April 2013: Senior Youth Weekend

A nearly dry but cold weekend saw the over 18s of UK Jerseys' Young Members come to Cloisters Farm for a meeting and social weekend.  Discussing the merits of calf shows and the effect they have on heifer growth and fitness in maturity, and visiting the Rettbar herd of Holsteins who put on two excellent classes of cattle for judging and reason-giving, (with an excellent lunch afterwards) were the serious side of the weekend.  Bowling, minibuses and something about rabbits(!) were part of the social side. Luke Harris and Matt Pye are commended for leading the discussion on leg straightness versus tracking - these are the things everyone can learn from.

9th April 2013:  Louise Bouquet set for Scandinavian "stardom".

Barnowl Simon Louise Bouquet has taken a month "off farm" to train as a dancing cow for a Scandinavian milk advert.  Trainers who have worked with everything from lions to lizards, including work on films such as Fierce Creatures (starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee-Curtis) collected her today to begin her training.

26th March 2013: Successful Spring Classification 

On a bitterly cold day the Barnowl Herd put forward 20 animals (14 cows, 6 heifers) for classification.  All but two animals scored at least 85 with those that missed out only did so by a point or two.
Most pleasing was the 2 heifers scoring 88 points; Barnowl Glamcom Countess and Barnowl Senior Azalea.  3 new Excellents are added to our current list; Barnowl A Vindication Beth MM(3), Barnowl Connection Victoria MM(3) and Priestcar Sambo Leaf MM(4).

22nd March 2013: New Housing Nears Completion

The new workshop and cattle yard is nearing completion after months of planning and preparation.  Despite one near-miss when the electrician put the earthing stake through the main power cable to the farm (it wasn’t where it was meant to be!) we now have power throughout and await the delivery and fitting of the LED lights and feed barriers to complete it.

The additional space will allow for the herd expansion and also allow redevelopment of existing buildings to meet future requirements.

13th March 2013: Latest Milk Recording
We milk record with CIS (The Cattle Information Service Ltd) on a 6 weekly basis and our results for March 2013 are:

Average Yield: 21.5kgs  5.71% & 3.98%
Top Yield:  39.6kgs  Priestcar Jude Bambi VG87 GM MM(2) (6th lactation)

Top Finishers:
 Cows Kgs Fat %Ptn %  Due Date Bred To
 Barnowl Samurai Louise Zebre 8144 5.38 4.13 25/04/2013 Barnowl Viceroy
 Barnowl Simon Sunshine

 7861 5.97 4.14 24/03/2013 Action
 Barnowl Coms Victoria

 8770 4.78 3.65  16/06/2013 Barnowl Viceroy
 Barnowl Lady Jasmine

 6592 5.35  3.72  06/04/2013 Gammon

February 2013: Charles Reader Honoured

Charles Reader with Baroness Byford
Early February saw Charles and Frances attending a presentation ceremony at the House of Lords where Charles received a presentation from Hazel, Baroness Byford, inducting him as an Associate Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Societies.

The award is made for outstanding services to agriculture and was presented in recognition of the many years of service given to UK Jerseys, various dairy and other farming organisations and for the impact of the Barnowl Herd in promoting the commercial viability of the Jersey against other breeds.